Inventory control

Manage your inventory with ease and complete accuracy with ICP’s inventory control services. We offer a wide range of customized inventory management services, including raw material ordering, real-time reporting, monthly auditing and reporting.

Manage Your Inventory

Through our cutting-edge technology, we can provide you with updated, accurate information on your inventory. The status of any product or order is easily accessible, enabling us to accurately manage your inventory while it’s in our facility.

To ensure accuracy in your inventory management:

  • Post-production quality inspection and count verification are always performed
  • Physical count of all raw materials received is compared to the packing list to verify accuracy
  • Inventory control procedures and reports can be customized to meet your specific specifications and demands

Backed by Peachtree software, we’re able to provide you with a range of features, allowing you to:

  • Manage components used
  • Obtain monthly physical counts
  • Access various production and raw component reports
  • Generate cost analysis of incoming and outgoing production and materials
  • Organize inventory by raw material and finished products

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