Quality Control

Uncompromising quality control is the hallmark of our services. With a focus on the smallest of details from receiving through distribution, we ensure that the quality of your product is never sacrificed. Simply put, we treat your product as if it’s our own, and we do that with extensive product testing, product sampling (from arrival and throughout the packaging process), cap compatibility testing, bottle testing for leak protection, and adhesive testing.

quality control process

At ICP, we believe that safety and quality go hand in hand. That’s why they are our top priorities. Since ICP was founded in 2004, we have an impeccable zero recordables and all of our employees are given regular safety training. Other companies talk safety and quality control, but we do it. We’re even ISO 9001: 2008 Certified.

Our quality control process includes:

  • Physical count of all raw materials received is compared to the packing list to verify accuracy
  • All bulk material offloads are double checked by a supervisor to ensure correct line up and avoid any cross-contamination
  • All lines are completely flushed between product fillings to prevent cross-contamination
  • During packaging, quality control checks are performed every 2 hours, including fill weight, torque, label, cap sealing, and lot number
  • Post-production quality inspection and count verification is always performed

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